Health Initiative

The Beta Iota Health Initiative assists in providing health education, awareness and resources to members of Beta Iota Chapter, our families, and communities.

Our Health Initiative goals are: to increase physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; improve the overall health or ourselves, family members. and local communities; significantly increase men’s health education and awareness; encourage men to become personal healthcare advocates; collaborate and partner with local organization to address the health disparities.

Being our “brother’s keeper,” we feel a responsibility to support and inform the ourselves and our community on health education, awareness and resources than can benefit a family overall well-being. affect. Our desire is to harvest healthier men, husbands and fathers and leaders for our communities.

Health Initiative Projects

 Monthly Health Awareness/Observation

 Mental Health Awareness “Brother, You’re On My Mind”

 In Fighting Trim…

 Prostate Cancer

  Annual Health Expo

 National Breast Cancer- Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

 National Men’s Health Month Health Fair

"I Am The Captain Of My Fate"